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Hi, I’m Mike the owner and founder of Tacticool Arms, LLC. As a former U.S. Marine, my occupational specialty was a Small Arms Repair Technician. This was not by choice of course, some of you know how it is, the recruiter said one thing and I got stuck doing another (hahaha). Anyhow, it turns out the job I landed was perfect for me (2111).

After being out for a few years, my love of guns pulled me back in to doing what I did in the Corps. So, here I am trying to get a gun store off of the ground with the support of my wife (WM), my kids and my close friends.

My goal is to offer basic to advanced gunsmithing services and "custom builds" at an affordable price. I will continue to expand my knowledge to meet customer needs.

Thanks for looking,


I specialize in AR custom builds and repairs, this is what gets me excited. However, in the Marines I worked with a wide range of weapons, anything from 9mm Berettas to Browning .50 caliber machine guns. My experience is mainly military firearms but, I have done work on other weapons and will continue to learn new ones.



Hi, I’m Agustin and an associate of Tacticool Arms, LLC. I am recently Honorably Discharged from the Marine Corps after 11 years of service. Having served multiple deployments in support of OIF and OEF, I decided to slow things down and spend time with my family and friends who supported me over the years. I was a Logistician by trade (0431), but over the course of 11 years and six deployments… you tend to learn a little something about weapons and their tactical application. This is where I come into play…

Mike was getting Tacticool Arms up and running, I returned from Afghanistan and had decided to retire from the Marine Corps; so my family and I packed up and moved from the sunny coast of California, to the great state of Colorado (Greeley). 

 “Denver, The Sunshine State.”


My goal is to assist Mike, with basic to advanced gunsmithing services and provide “custom builds” at an affordable and often, unbeatable price. I contribute my real-world tactical arms experience and continue to expand my knowledge every day in all areas of gunsmithing and experimenting with custom camouflage on AR’s, using techniques I picked up in Afghanistan.

I have a lot of experience handing weapon systems ranging from 9mm pistols to .50cal HMG’s, foreign weapons, and one of my personal favorites… the M32 Grenade Launcher (pictured below).

I have experience in various types of combat/tactical shooting, Marine Corps Martial Arts (MCMAP Instructor), DoD level weapons training, as well as, participated in many foreign nation shoots and range instruction.

I look forward to eventually offering CCW classes and providing the combat/tactical weapons style training I have received over my time in the Marines, to all interested.

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Agustin (SSgt, USMC Ret.)